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We have many years (15+) of experience in organizing retreats, in Casa Conmigo, and in Vila Mimosa, another retreat center of ours near Albufeira. So we know what you need to have on hand to pamper your guests and to ensure that the organization runs smoothly. We can help you plan and execute your retreat. Each retreat is therefore tailor-made. You choose which services you do or do not take from us.

Yoga and sports

In the yoga dome we have everything available to give the lessons. Yoga mats, bolsters, music system. There is heating and air conditioning. You can also give other sports lessons here, such as pilates or body shape. But not only in the yoga dome you can work out. Our swimming pool (heated on request) is ideal for aqua jogging. The belts and noodles are present, as well as a portable audio system. Another possibility is our beautiful yoga terrace, next to the main building, with spectacular views to the valley. Do you give the sports lessons yourself? Or do you outsource it to us to provide the lessons? That’s all possible.


Will you let your guests enjoy massages and other treatments? You can use the rooms yourself to give treatments. We can also provide therapists: massage, body wraps, osteopathy, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy are some of the possibilities.

Saunas and jacuzzi

The infrared sauna can be switched on and used by your guests throughout the day. We turn on the Swedish sauna 1 interval per day (3 hours), at a time that you choose. The jacuzzi can be opened and closed by the guests themselves, and can be used all day. You can also choose to heat the pool, so it keeps a nice temperature.

Cleaning and maintenance

Included in the rental price is standard daily cleaning of the common areas and guest rooms. Towels will be changed on request. We make sure your guests have enough amenities, mineral water and herbal tea in their room.

The swimming pool, jacuzzi and garden are also maintained by our team.

Basic Rental or Full Service

We offer 2 kinds of Retreats. In the Basic Rental, you are responsible for receiving your guests and planning the whole stay. In our Full Service, we have a standard program where you can add your yoga lessons / workshops,… We do the bookings, organization, receiving of the guests etc.

Basic Rental

  • rental of the villa and facilities
  • daily cleaning
  •  food program (extra cost)


You are responsible for running your retreat. We can offer assistance for arrivals and departures. During your retreat we can offer freelance sports teachers and massage therapists. But you are responsible for the day-to-day affairs (heating or cooling rooms in advance, lighting the fireplace, opening and closing the pool…) and logistics (planning excursions, transfers,…).

Full Service
  • organizing airport transfers
  • administration of the bookings / payments
  • receiving your guests
  • housetour and information
  • bookings of extra treatments, scheduling the treatments
  • turning on the sauna
  • daily walk (8 until 10h), drive the vans to beautiful hiking spots and guiding the walks
  • daily bloodpressure check (if the guests are on a fasting program)
  • drop off and pick up for 2 trips (Silves and Lagos)
  • food program


We have 4 standard formulas from which you can choose (1 choice for the whole group).

  • juice fasting
  • mild fasting
  • vegetarian brunch and dinner
  • vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner


With juice fasting we make 3 juices a day (morning, lunch, four o’clock) and 1 soup (dinner). With mild fasting, your guests get vegan dishes and juice (juice + breakfast, juice + lunch, juice at four o’clock, dinner: soup). It is a low calorie fasting program. With vegetarian you can choose between 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinner) or 2 meals (brunch and 3-course dinner). This is not a fasting program. On request and in consultation we can adapt the meals to your wishes. Our chefs prepare and serve the meals. The table setting and clearing is also done by them.

Also included are a large assortment of herbal teas, superfoods, water, lemon juice and ginger juice. Coffee is also included on request.


Portimao is a 10-minute drive away. This is the starting point for beautiful walks on the cliffs or on the beach. In Portimao itself you can enjoy strolling and shopping. Portimao is also ideal for a day of sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

Monchique, a 20 minute drive away, is located just below the highest point of the Algarve. The village is characterized by streets with small stones that wind up towards the mountain. It is a beautiful village with many 18th and 19th century houses.

Lagos, a 30-minute drive away, is an attractive, pleasant coastal town. Whoever walks into the center notices the vibrant dynamics of a thriving city. You will find nice terraces everywhere, there is a beautiful boulevard and numerous events are organized during the season.

Silves, a 20 minute drive, was the capital of the Algarve during the Arab occupation. It is to this that the town owes its mansions and its red castle which is worth discovering.

Other possible activities: sup, surf, horseback riding, mountain biking, …

We have 2 vans that you can rent for excursions, or you can use transfer services.

Your Retreat

The retreats are standard 6 nights. The arrival day is Monday and departure day Sunday. The check out is at 12 noon. Guests departing later may still use the facilities, but not the room.

You, as Retreat Host, are allowed to arrive on Sunday and leave on Monday. 

The maximum number of guests is 16 (including yourself). It is not allowed to invite guests who are not staying at the villa.


Are you organizing a detox retreat? Then it is useful to rent our lymphatic drainage device. This pressotherapy device stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the body. It improves the well-being of the body, among other things by eliminating excess moisture, making guests feel more relaxed. It is the ideal supplement for treatments related to cellulite, obesity, edema, circulation of blood and lymph. You can also optionally use our professional Tanita scales, with which you can measure the body composition of your guests at the beginning and end of your retreat (muscle mass, fat mass, moisture percentage, visceral fat,…). We provide raincoats and water bottle belts for your guests at no extra cost. Waterbottles we do not provide. Maybe you want to provide your own bottle with your logo, as a present to your guests?